Finding time to clean

You can make more time for cleaning by following a few simple Do a few minutes each day to be more productive. Don’t set out to vacuum the whole house. Do one bedroom before work and another one tomorrow. Mess definitely breeds mess. Keep your home as uncluttered as possible so that cleaning is easier […]

The secret to keeping your home clean and organized

 If you’re looking for a single pearl of wisdom – the secret to domestic bliss – then little and often is it. Do a few minutes each day and they’ll quickly become part of your routine. Tour home will stay cleaner; you’ll spend less leisure time doing housework; and have more opportunity to enjoy your […]

Why water alone won’t clean

Water is an essential ingredient in many cleaners, but we usually have to add something else. Water on its own can’t shift grease and oil because it has the wrong molecular structure. Chemicals are classified Household acids and alkalis   Polar                      Non-polar              Ionic   Water                    Oil               […]


House dust includes skin scales, hair, pollen, fibers, fingernail fragments, food crumbs and insect parts. It’s thought that between 50 and 80 percent of asthmatics may have a reaction to house dust. Another constituent of dust is the house dust mite, which feeds on the dead skin flakes shed by our pets and us. The […]


  Most of us have grand plans when it comes to decorating and designing our homes, but we have to reconcile our dreams with our budget. There’s no doubt that freshening up the decoration makes cleaning easier and more pleasurable, but carrying out renovations can be very disruptive. Unfortunately, keeping your home looking good, year […]

Hiring domestic help

If don’t want to, or are unable to, keep your home cleaning yourself, there’s no shortage of people ready to help you. There are also agencies and firms who will quote to do extra one-off cleaning, for example when you’re moving into a new home, after building work, or while you’re busy caring for someone […]

Food Safety

Always follow the storage, ‘use-by’ and cooking advice labels on all food packaging for meat, fish, precooked dishes and those that contain raw ingredients. Storing and preparing raw meat. Raw meat must be refrigerated and then cooked before the ‘use-by’ date printed on the packaging. It should be stored in sealed containers at the bottom […]

Upholstered furniture

Sofas, chairs, chaises and ottomans, among others, are all made more comfortable, decorative and luxurious by padded fabric or leather coverings. Upholstered furniture is manufactured with a variety of methods and filings, from the cheapets foam-filled stretch cover right up to sprung interiors topped off with luxurious down-stuffed cushions. Cleaning fabric upholstery. Some sofa and […]

Detergent and fabric conditioner

Detergent comes in a variety of forms: powder, liquid, powder tablets and gel capsules, some of which even contain fabric conditioner. Powder is the cheapest option and most versatile and effective. Liquids are good at lower wash temperatures and are more readily dissolved when hand washing. Some liquids a special dispenser ball to be placed […]